Weight Loss

We all understand that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

Often despite what we feel are our best efforts we are unable to control our eating habits or sustain weight loss for any length of time. Weight management is not about the latest diet, diets rarely bring about lasting change in our attitudes, emotional responses and habits towards food. This is because diets do not address the root cause of why we overeat.

Most of us overeat due to emotional or habitual reasons, that is, we eat to satisfy our minds rather than because we are physically hungry. It may be that you eat when you are bored or when you are feeling low or stressed.

Hypnotherapy for Sustainable Weight Management

Often when we embark on a diet we spend the whole time telling ourselves that we are not going to think about food. It is like the blue elephant in the corner of the room, if you try not to think of the blue elephant, you'll probably think of it. It is the same with food; our brain automatically focuses on what we think about even if we are telling ourselves NOT to think about it. Changing the role food plays in our lives is the key to successful long-term weight management. It is about creating a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy encourages you to re-build your self esteem so that you begin to feel good about yourself, when we feel good about ourselves we feel motivated and we are more likely to achieve our goals. It will help you address the cause of your overeating and help you make changes in your life so that any unhelpful patterns of behaviour can be altered. During the positive state of trance the therapist will access your subconscious mind, to bring about change in old eating habits and to resolve any emotional reasons for over-eating. Helping you make sustainable lasting changes, eating healthily and at the same time managing your weight in a safe and natural way.

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Video Sessions Now Available

Either one-off sessions (Eg Smoking Cessation) or full treatment courses via Skype or Facetime


I have just had my final hypnotherapy session and am delighted. I have suffered form IBS for years and it was ruling my life and stopping me from doing things. I decided to look for other remedies than taking medication from my GP which really didnt seem to make any difference. I looked on the in...

Oct 14, 2012


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