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I first contacted Sam having experienced anxiety with depression for 10+ years. Having lived with these symptoms for so long it had also affected both my self confidence and self esteem. Following approximately 10 sessions I have seen a huge improvement in myself and others have too. In the very first session Sam explained the scientific background to what I'd been experiencing and that through hypnosis I would begin to use the logical side of my brain more and the emotional/animal side of brain less often. Coupled with many other tools and techniques learned along the way, hypnotherapy has been of enormous benefit.
Date of Posting: 12 January 2015
Posted By: Karen (Anxiety & Depression)
Hi Sam

Well it's been 3 months now since our session on stopping smoking and I am pleased to say I haven't looked back. I highly recommend anyone that wants to stop smoking to attend one of your sessions.
Thanks again Sam
Date of Posting: 03 December 2014
Posted By: Diane (Stop Smoking)
Sam has an engaging and uplifting attitude to her work. Through our sessions I have been given tools which have increased my efficiency and ability to deal with stress at work. Our sessions have also changed my perspective when tackling problems, allowing me to relax more and enjoy the good things I have in my relationship and home-life. I think my boyfriend is grateful too that I'm not driving him up the wall so much!! Thank you Sam.
Date of Posting: 09 November 2014
Posted By: Marie (Stress)
United Kingdom
Hey Sam.
I've really seen a benefit from our sessions; none more so than this weekend. Going to keep up the positive approach. Thanks so much for your help. You've been fantastically professionally and also really great human being with a super sense of humour. Thanks for everything. :-)

You have a gift when it comes to communicating. You've been a great inspiration as a person too. :-)
Date of Posting: 27 October 2014
Posted By: DS (Weight Management)
Thanks a million Sam. I was feeling so low and lost. With your help you have put me back in control and now I feel on top of the world. I now realise I am always in control not the situation. Through your help I know I will always be in control. Would recommend hypnotherapy to every one especially you Sam.
Date of Posting: 18 October 2014
Posted By: Mark (Anger/ Taking back control)
I was recomended Hypnotherapy by a friend when I was suffering very stressful primi menopausel symtoms, When I met Sam she listened to all that was going on and said she was sure she could help me. Within two visits my symtom became less physically and mentally. I was still suffering from symtom but I was begining to feel more in control. A few sessions on I'm not only back to my old self I seem to have the tools within me to be healthier in thought as well as the physical feelings such as headaches, pulse racings, tearful ect. Thank you Sam your a gem. Helen
Date of Posting: 23 September 2014
Posted By: H. Stewart

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I came to Sam feeling desperately trapped in a vicious cycle of repeated binge eating episodes. I found my behaviour alarming, going to great lengths to get the food I wanted and gorging on it until I felt sick. Feelings of shame and guilt would follow, along with fasting, exercising or calorie...

Kirsty (Food Obsession/Binging)
Apr 05, 2013


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