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I have suffered with bad anxiety for around ten years. On a good day, I would have around four anxiety attacks a day and on a bad day I wouldn't leave the house. I had one session of hypnotherapy on 20th June and haven't had an anxiety attack since. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. I can't recommend enough.

Sam's hypnotherapy room is lovely, bright and smells lovely. Sam is a warm person and I felt immediately comfortable in her company. Unlike other hypnotherapists I have seen, she took the time to explain what anxiety is and what causes it and how the hypnotherapy works, which has worked really well for me.

I have seen Sam for two further sessions about my fear of flying. I will report back in two weeks once I have flown!

Thank you, Sam, for giving me my life back :-)
Date of Posting: 24 July 2018
Posted By: Claire (Anxiety & Daily Panic Attacks)
Hi Sam
I did a speech at a fairly large family gathering on Saturday evening, 50 plus people.
It was without question a success, and a number of people commented on how relaxed, and free from nerves, I was while delivering it.
I'm fairly certain my sessions with you, played a large part in this successful talk.
Date of Posting: 19 July 2018
Posted By: Anon (Anxiety/Confidence/Public Speaking)
Hi Sam.
I just wanted to let you know that I had my interview this morning and I got the job :) so proud that I was able to do a presentation. Thank you for all of your help. X
Date of Posting: 04 July 2018
Posted By: Anon (Interview & Presentation Nerves)
Sam totally helped me get my life back on track after suffering with anxiety and depression symptoms. I now have the tools and resources to ensure that I stay in this positive mindset.

Sam is very friendly and made me feel at ease during every session.

I would highly recommend Sam for anyone requiring Hypnotherapy!

Thank you, Sam.
Date of Posting: 25 June 2018
Posted By: Anon (Anxiety & Depression)
Laura Murray, Scottish Golf Pro on enhancing sports performance

As you may know, I help clients with sports performance and getting the most from their natural sporting ability.

A lot of my clients are trying to improve their amateur game in various sports but I'm also currently part of the team working with Scottish pro golfer, Laura Murray (along with her coach, Keil Beveridge).

He is the Head Professional at the Kippie Lodge Sports & Country Club here in Aberdeen and coaches quite a few young and talented golfers in the North West of Scotland, including Laura.

A quote from Laura about our work:

"Working with Sam Luxford has helped enhance my performance on the course. The sessions we have done not only give me the tools to cope well under pressure, but to embrace it. These techniques can be applied to my everyday life helping me be more confident, happier and at ease with myself.”
Date of Posting: 06 June 2018
Posted By: Laura Murray, Scottish Golf Pro, Sport Performance
Sam was recommended to me by a friend who had used her services. I had been unsure of hypnotherapy before however, I had seen the amazing results with my friend and decided to give it a go; I am so glad I did!

I didn’t fully understand the concept of hypnotherapy previously which is why I originally had doubts. It’s not about being put into a trance and losing all control, it’s about regaining control and being the master of your wellbeing. Sam essentially helps you reset your mind and deal with whatever issue or anxiety you have in a positive and healthy way. I had thought I would leave my sessions feeling low as I was facing my worries head on but I always left feeling light, with a skip in my step and ready to conquer the world.

Sam’s hypnotherapy has not only greatly benefited me but has helped those around me as I have been using the skills I have learnt from her and shared them with my family and friends in a positive way. I have learnt coping mechanisms which I can use throughout life for different circumstances which I am so thankful for.

Sam has made my anxieties disperse and changed my outlook and I am so pleased I went to see her. As I am moving away, I had questioned whether I would have the time to see her but she was so understanding and condensed my sessions into a short window to fit in with my schedule and even offered FaceTime sessions if I needed her services in the future.

I couldn’t recommend Sam enough. To those who are questioning it...give it a try, it is so worth it!!
Date of Posting: 05 April 2018
Posted By: Anon (Anxiety/PTSD)

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Hi Sam. I got the job! Thanks for all your help. My insomnia has completely disappeared too.

Anon. (Interview nerves and insomnia)
Mar 30, 2016


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