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I was suffering from Insomnia and anxiety and decided to try hypnotherapy. During my first treatment I went into a deep state of relaxation and worked on my breathing. Sam provided me with a CD to help me sleep and within 2 sessions my sleep certainly improved. During another session she prepared me for a difficult meeting and using a method about imagining the mind is a control room which you control such as tuning up confidence. I was sceptical at first but what a difference it made. I very seldom suffer from lack of sleep and if I do I start listening to the cd again. I would highly recommend Sam's hypnotherapy sessions before reaching for the sleeping pills.
Date of Posting: 24 October 2012
Posted By: Sharon - Insomnia/Anxiety
After the success with my phobia I took my 9 year old son - he had never slept properly and would lie in bed at nights into the early hours. We had tried all the behavioural things recommended by the doctors and medicine that made him drowsy but nothing had any lasting effect. A few sessions with Sam and he was sleeping fine, he is less tired during the day and is doing much better at school.
I was nervous about visiting a hypnotherapist, I felt I should just be able to deal with things and shouldn’t need professional help, but Sam put me at ease really quickly. She was great with my son too, she was a real hit with him and he felt confident to go in by himself after only one visit plus he always came out of the sessions happy and chilled.
Date of Posting: 24 October 2012
Posted By: Diane - 9 yr old Son/Insomnia/Poor concentration
I went to see Sam about my fear of heights, I have had it all my life but it had been getting worse in recent years and I was becoming unable to do a lot of things I wanted to with my kids. Didn’t really believe it would work but after my sessions I went for a walk along the cliffs at Stonehaven, I hadn’t managed to get to the top of the steps at Dunnottar Castle the previous visit but this time I went right down the stairs, got to the castle, leaned out of windows and then walked further along the cliffs without any feelings of anxiety.
Date of Posting: 24 October 2012
Posted By: Diane - Fear of Heights
Sam really helped me make the right choices in my life and move forward positively. She also helped me with my weight problem and I feel like everything is going really well with my life. I'm glad that I found out about her when I did, she really was a big help
Date of Posting: 24 October 2012
Posted By: Jamie
I was initially sceptical about hypnotherapy, but it is wonderful and freeing to get so much information on why I felt how bad I was feeling about everything. The science side is amazing and Sam is kind and very easy to talk to. I am so confident and happier than ever now, AND Sam helped me to stop smoking - something I thought I could never ever do. It was the best decision I have made to go and see her.
Date of Posting: 23 October 2012
Posted By: Charlotte - Low Mood/Anxiety & Stopping Smoking
I went to see Sam after suffering from IBS for 4 years, I had been going back and forth from the doctors and had came to believe that I would be that way for the rest of my life. I was anxious about socialising, going to new places and on bad days I even avoided leaving the house.

After 6 sessions I can honestly say that I can't recognise that person any more. I have grown in confidence became more assertive and am enjoying my life again.

These sessions have helped turn my life around and I would honestly encourage anyone with similar problems to give it a go.
Date of Posting: 16 October 2012
Posted By: Emma - IBS

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Totally amazing! Sam has changed my life. I have not slept so well in near on 3 years! My anxiety is less and best of all I have lost a stone in month! Totally amazing x

Anxiety/insomnia/weight loss Hypnotic gastric Band
Apr 05, 2018


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