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I have been struggling with bulimia for many many years and have been trying to overcome it by myself. Every day I woke up and told myself: “Right, this is The Day! Today I will not do it!” I was too ashamed of myself to seek NHS related help and to be honest, I did not believe that my problem could be solved by taking pills or spending several weeks in hospital in the company of others with ED. Needless to say, all of my attempts to recover on my own failed until I began the sessions with Sam. With her help my journey to freedom from bulimia really began! She turned my life around! Not only has my eating disorder improved beyond measures but I cannow think positively, control my thoughts when the urge is there to binge, I am happy again and I feel free of theheavy burden that I was carrying on my shoulders during all of those bulimic years. I am so grateful for Sam for all of these positive changes in my life! I highly recommend her to everyone with any kind of problems. Thank you very much, Sam!
Date of Posting: 16 October 2012
Posted By: Penny - Bulimia
I thought it would make you smile to know that I have just been over to New Zealand (literally in car home from Glasgow now). 30 hours of flight time either way and absolutely breezed it! Cool as a cucumber and very positive about it all :-D Been on loads of domestic flights with new job too - no probs. Happy days - my quality of life has transformed! You're simply wonderful :=)
Date of Posting: 16 October 2012
Posted By: Diana - Fear of flying
When I went to see Sam I had suffered anxiety for years which led to blushing, which then made me more anxious and blush more, and so forth. I was sick of it and it seemed like a vicious cycle that I couldn’t get out of and the more I thought about it, the worse it got. My experience with Sam was lovely and I looked/look forward to the sessions. She is great at what she does and a very patient friendly person who puts you at ease immediately.
She taught me how to reframe my thoughts, and the power that that had to determine how I would act, behave and think. She gave me a number of tools that helped me to overcome anxiety and although I still feel anxious at times, I am able to reframe my thought processes to think more positively and use the tools that she gave me to shift into a more positive mind set. I think some people may be sceptical when they read what I just wrote, but I really believe in her solution focused angle to her therapy sessions as they stop you from thinking about the problem at hand, to move on to how you want things to be, and how you want to improve your situation.
I would fully recommend her sessions and Sam. I would also like to thank her for everything that she has done for me. I am so thankful that I decided a few months ago and take the plunge to go to see her.
Date of Posting: 15 October 2012
Posted By: Anxiety/blushing (Kirsty)
When I first contacted Sam I was desperate for help to get me out of the black hole that I was in. I had been suffering anxiety, low self esteem and what I now know was depression for some time and felt like I had no means of escape. Sam guided me through the process of understanding my own mind and helped me gain confidence and rid myself of negative thoughts.
In life, you are never really taught how to go about managing emotions and traumatic events, you are reactive to these situations - Sam helped me learn to control and manage my mind and get me to a really happy place. I am now totally in control of myself and live a happy, fulfilling life. I would highly recommend Sam!
Date of Posting: 15 October 2012
Posted By: Katie Alice
When I phoned Sam I was feeling very desperate. I have suffered from OCD for 34 years. It totally ruled my life which mean't that it also affected my family. It was seriously affecting my relationship with my partner to the point that we were close to separating.
Sam helped me to deal with everything that I was unhappy and stressed with, which, in turn, helped me to deal with the symptoms of my OCD. She helped me to look at situations more rationally and positively, rather than worrying about what might (but probably wouldn't) go wrong in a situation. When I felt like this, I would feel very anxious and stressed. I would carry out the rituals of my OCD to help me to feel calmer.
With the help of Sam, I have really turned my life around. I feel that I have taken control, probably for the first time in my life. I honestly feel happier than I have for years. As a result of this, my partner and I were able to deal with our problems.
We have been together for 25 years and he can't believe the difference in me in such a short time. We are all happier as a family too. I can do so much more in a day now, that used to be taken up by rituals.
Sam is very easy to talk to. I felt so much better, even after speaking to her for the first time on the phone. I felt that she gave me hope. I feel like I have known her a very long time. I wouldn't be where I am now, without Sam's support and help. I really appreciate everything she has helped me to achieve.
Date of Posting: 14 October 2012
I am delighted to say the whole experience was so much better than I expected! When my phobia was at its worst I could not even imagine getting on a plane never mind sitting on a flight for 12 hours in a fairly relaxed state. I feel the hypnotherapy has helped immensely and am so pleased to be able to plan more holidays in the future as I have now overcome my fear.

I will certainly be recommending you to my friends!

Many thanks for all your help
Date of Posting: 14 October 2012

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Hi Sam, I just wanted to update you and say thanks to you I am now a non-smoker! It's been 3 weeks since my hypnotherapy session and nearly 7 weeks since my last cigarette! I can honestly say that since our session, I can't believe how EASY it is to be smoke free. I've always smoke...

Jun 19, 2017


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