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Hi Sam, It's Donna MacRae here. Wanted 2 let u know that I've been smoke free for 21 days now and haven't had even a puff of a cig. Feeling gr8! Have recommended u 2 one of my personal trainer's clients. Can't thank u enough.
Date of Posting: 16 August 2013
Posted By: Donna McRae (Stop Smoking)
'Sam made me feel very comfortable about discussing the thoughts which were preventing me from being happy. She allowed me to see that I am in charge of my thoughts and able to make positive changes which would make my life more balanced. She taught me techniques which made me feel more able to take charge when negative thoughts try to take over and to make changes which improve my confidence and happiness.

The sessions with Sam were great and I left them feeling relaxed and positive about the future. There have been big changes in my life recently and I feel more able to be calm and in control and enjoy life than I did before I met Sam.

Thanks Sam
Date of Posting: 26 June 2013
Posted By: Kirsty (Obsessional thinking)
Sam was instrumental in helping me overcome an inability to relax and frequent feelings of heightened anxiety. I sought help because I feared this would hinder a distance-learning Masters degree I was undertaking, which necessitated sitting exams and the submission of a 20,000 dissertation. Both of these were unthinkable prior to the beginning of my sessions (as I’d previously confided to a doctor).

I’m sceptical by nature and do not relish talking about myself with a stranger in any capacity. From the very first session, the tone was friendly and welcoming; and by patiently introducing me to solution-focussed therapy and demonstrating the ease with which we can challenge negative thoughts, Sam showed me the benefits of hanging out in the left side of the brain.

The upshot being, the days leading up to my exam and thesis submission date were amongst the calmest I felt throughout the three-year course. Of course I was aware of the pressure/significance of the occasion(s) but I never felt overwhelmed and actually kind of welcomed them. Anyway, I found out last week I received a ‘Pass with Distinction’, and it’s no exaggeration to say Sam played a significant part in that success.

So many thanks.

Date of Posting: 24 June 2013
Posted By: Chris (Academic performance/exams anxiety)

Since the 1st visit I had with you, something clicked in my head. I've found it easy enough to not reach out for biscuits or bread or chocolate. Chocolate doesn't taste the same either. I never thought I'd manage without fruit buns, or chocolate. After 3 sessions with you I've found it easy to watch how much I eat. Listening to the cd every night in my bed really helps and I would highly recommend to anyone that's tried every diet going to try hypnotherapy with you.
Date of Posting: 13 June 2013
Posted By: Denise (Hypnotic Gastric Band)
I came to Sam to help me with my IBS. She helped me change my way of thinking about situations. I felt relaxed and positive after each session and started to notice changes almost immediately! She taught me how my brain works and how to control the unconscious part of my mind. I am now worrying much less and I am now doing things without a second thought. My IBS no longer stands in my way and I am delighted with what I have achieved in just six sessions!

I would recommend hypnotherapy to other IBS sufferers as it has really changed my outlook on life and my IBS does not stop me doing the things I want to do.
Date of Posting: 03 June 2013
Posted By: Mhairi (IBS)
Having just finished my final session with Sally I am pleased to say how much more confident and in control I feel in relation to the anxiety and fear I associated with travelling, especially flying.

I was quite sceptical about trying hypnotherapy however I'm definitely a convert! I feel this process helps you to understand the mechanics of the brain and also that we can be in control of our lives and thought patterns.

So Sally thanks again for all your help. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you.
Date of Posting: 28 May 2013
Posted By: Kelly (Fear Of Flying)

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Since my late teens, I had developed a debilitating fear of flying which had resulted in diazepam being prescribed by my GP. Medicating myself for business travel had been very problematic so I had a chat with Sam and the decision was made to tackle this distressing and highly inconvenient fear t...

Dianna Houston (Fear of Flying)
Sep 28, 2013


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