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My 12 year old son’s eating habits deteriorated over the last six years to the point he was barely eating anything.
We tried doctors, dieticians and psychologists but nothing changed apart from his anxiety reaching the highest point ever.

After our first session with Sam we understood fully how and why this was happening.

He still has a long journey ahead and knew we would not get an overnight miracle but his anxiety is minimal and he is eating a lot more and trying something new to eat every week. I think even he knows how to cope with it which in turn is making him happier as well as us.

Thanks Sam for all of your time and help.
Date of Posting: 05 October 2018
Posted By: Kerry M (Fussy eating/food phobia & anxiety)
I wish I had met Sam years ago, if I could give her more than 5 stars I would. Thanks Sam I still can’t believe I’m the same person who came to see you just a couple of months ago. ☺️
Date of Posting: 10 September 2018
Posted By: Anon (Anxiety)
My 10 year old daughter has benefitted so much from Sam’s sessions after suffering from health related anxiety. After going through a very sad and worrying last term we contacted Sam for some sessions for over the holidays. Her sessions have made a remarkable difference to my daughter, who has now returned to school a very happy, confident and worry free girl. We have also been given strategies to help her in the future, which is great. We cannot thank Sam enough for all of her help and would highly recommend her sessions.
Date of Posting: 10 September 2018
Posted By: 10 Year Old (Health Related Anxiety)
I booked hypnotherapy sessions with Sam after suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome throughout my teens and into adulthood. It had gotten to the point where it was having a significant impact on my life, I was missing lectures at university and calling in sick to work. I was scared to be far from home or go on nights out with friends. I took Immodium daily along with 2 types of medication prescribed by my Doctor. After a few sessions with Sam I was much better equipped to deal with the anxiety that I felt about the symptoms of IBS. Over a much longer period of time (and continual practise of the techniques I learned) my mindset gradually changed. I successfully weaned myself off of Immodium and both prescribed medications - a massive achievement for me. I stopped fearing my symptoms which in turn reduced their frequency and intensity. I've since used the same techniques to help deal with panic attacks, anxiety, and most recently, to equip myself for what was a very positive birthing experience of my little boy! An achievement made possible by many years' practice of positive reframing and focussed breathing.
Date of Posting: 10 September 2018
Posted By: Anon (IBS / Anxiety & Panic Attacks)
I have been going to Sam for hypnotherapy for a few months now and I can honestly say it’s the best therapy I have ever received. I have suffered from anxiety and depression from a young age and have had various different forms of counselling over the years but none have had much success until I discovered Sam’s advert and decided to give it a go as a last resort. I am so glad I did as it has really transformed my mind-set and the way I see things. Sam has helped me to see things as they are and in a positive light and as a result I have been able to turn my life around. For anybody thinking about hypnotherapy I cannot recommend Sam enough, your health and happiness should be a priority and Sam has the experience and skills to help you with whatever you may be struggling with. If you are ready to make a change and live your best life, I would recommend Sam to absolutely everyone and I am so thankful for the sessions we have had together.
Date of Posting: 10 September 2018
Posted By: Rachel, 25 (Anxiety & Depression)
Sam is a genius. In addition to her total competence & professionalism, she is a lovely lady. Thank you, Sam!
Date of Posting: 10 September 2018
Posted By: Tania (Work Stress)

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I wanted to let you know the news that my second son was born this week. We had a fabulous birth exactly as we wanted and as we had hoped for in the script on our last session. The hypnotherapy treatment I followed with you helped me let go of my fears from my past experience and allowed me to ke...

Mrs. R (Childbirth Hypnosis)
Oct 18, 2013


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