Are You Worried About Coming Out of Lockdown?

While many people are desperate for lockdown rules to be relaxed, this can be a very scary time if you worry a lot or have heightened anxiety.

Being in lockdown has felt safe for many people. Restricting social contact and the slower pace of life suddenly removed many of the triggers for anxiety and panic, especially if you have social anxiety or constantly feel overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life.

This sense of calm may have felt hugely comforting, especially if you felt sheltered from the coronavirus risks in the outside world.

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Easing Out of Lockdown: Online Hypnotherapy Versus Face-to-Face Hypnotherapy

As the coronavirus lockdown continues to ease, many people are still very apprehensive about face-to-face contact, especially if you’re vulnerable or live with someone who is.

Caution and trust are becoming increasingly important during the pandemic. Many non-essential shops reopened recently but many haven’t experienced large footfall due to shoppers being wary of non-essential activities. And as global Google Trends have indicated, this caution is replicated in the wider public for situations where face-to-face contact is likely or necessary.

Having trust in businesses to make their premises Covid-19 safe and other people to follow the guidance on social distancing and face masks is a large part of this.

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Coronavirus: How to Cope With Health Anxiety and Reduce The Effects On Your Mental Health

There’s a lot of stress and anxiety around coronavirus and this can have a big impact on mental health.

If you already struggle with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, you may be feeling overwhelmed and extremely scared.

There’s a lot we don’t yet know about coronavirus and this fear of the unknown can be paralysing if you already have anxiety. This can lead to total isolation, especially if you’re incredibly anxious, which can further damage your mental health.

And if you have OCD, the advice around handwashing can lead to excessive compulsions around hygiene.

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How to Cope With the Stress of Redundancy

As you may know, I’m currently collecting suggestions for topics to cover on the blog so I can create content that’s as helpful as possible.

This post is the result of a request for content around coping with the stress of being made redundant.

Being made redundant can be highly stressful, especially if it affects the main earner in the household. It can also evoke feelings of shock, anger, guilt and shame, even when it occurs due to factors that are out of your control. These negative emotions can also be a factor in depression.

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Video Sessions Now Available

Either one-off sessions (Eg Smoking Cessation) or full treatment courses via Skype or Facetime


Good morning Sam, I had appointment to quite smoking 3 months ago and thank to you haven’t smoked since then. Sorry! I need to correct myself, it is 3 months and 3 days now I quit. ?

Anon (Smoking Cessation)
Jun 13, 2019


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