Up to 2 million people in the UK are believed to be suffering from an addiction.

We often associate addiction with smoking, alcohol, gambling and drugs but anything can potentially become addictive. Just a few examples of behaviour that can fall into this category include shopping, the Internet, social media and even work.

What they all have in common is the feelings of pleasure or “highs” that are produced after engaging in them.

Addictions can have a significant impact on all areas of day-to-day life, including relationships and work.

By tapping into the power of the unconscious mind, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can address the underlying factors behind an addiction and provide tools to deal with them. For example, if addiction has developed as a way of dealing with negative emotions, hypnotherapy can give alternative ways to do this.

Hypnotherapy can work on the beliefs that fuel addictions and help to regain control over them.

Even long term addictions that have been going on for some time can still be successfully treated through hypnotherapy.

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I have been terrified of needles after a very bad experience when I was young. I avoided being put into any situation which would mean having to have and injection, including having tests for a health conditions. I would be worrying about going to the doctor.... just incase, and if I was in a sit...

A. Campbell (Fear of Needles)
May 15, 2013


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